Dr AUVRAY received his PhD of Pharmacology, Cell and Molecular Biology
in 1998 from the University of Caen, France. The fields of his research in this CNRS Unit were the Hormonotherapy of breast cancer, especially the development of new antisens compounds against the aromatase enzyme.

Dr AUVRAY, in collaboration with INSERM unit U.625 developed a new
technology in transgenesis, based on the genetic modification of male
genome. This technology is now exploited in the French society BioProtein Technologies.

Dr AUVRAY has a large experience in preclinical development of drugs.
He previously worked in a Biotechnology society for four years where he developed the Molecular Biology, Hormonotherapy and Gene Therapy
unit. He became then the head of this department.

In this society, Dr AUVRAY acted as preclinical advisor to pharmaceutical development companies.

Dr AUVRAY developed R&D programs in the fields of Molecular Biology,
especially with an European Project that led to identification of new
therapeutic targets.

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