08/02/2010: OUEST-FRANCE -
Trophy "Les Oscars d'Ille-et-Vilaine"

29/10/2009: Le Pays Malouin -
Trophy "Made in Breizh"

10/2009: Sciences Ouest -

06/11/2008: La Gazette Du Laboratoire -
C.RIS  Pharma inaugurate its new facilities

01/11/2008: Le journal des entreprises - C.RIS Pharma locate to Atalante Saint Malo

Ouest-France - C.RIS Pharma mark the start of the Technopole

25/09/2008: Le journal économique - C.RIS Pharma, first company to locate on the  Atalante Park Technopole of Saint Malo

15/05/2006: Ouest-France, "Sealacian": "The project initiated by C.RIS Pharma and labellized by The Pole Mer Bretagne, is agreed by the "Fonds de compétitivité des entreprises" (FCE)." Sealacian" received a financing of 2 Millions Euros..."

01/05/2007: La Gazette du Laboratoire:
C.RIS Pharma: first company to locate on Rennes Atalante Saint Malo

01/03/2006: Magazine du Conseil Général d'Ille-et-Vilaine,"C.RIS Pharma joined the Saint Malo's Science park, specialized in sea biotechnologies..."

19/01/2006: Le Pays Malouin" C.RIS Pharma, Saint Malo: From 1 to 25 employees in six years..."

8/12/2005: Ouest-France, "The TGV arrives at Saint Malo on December 8th": "Pierrick Auvray, CEO of C.RIS Pharma, chose Saint Malo to start its biotech activity..."

07/05/2005: Le Télégramme,"CELLIS PHARMA: expert of drugs...we  bring to the pharmaceutical laboratories an independent expertise in the fields of cancer, but also, in metabolic, neuro-degenerative and genetic diseases..."

05/05/2005: Le Point, "...Creation of the Pole of sea biotech with ambition to become a site of reception of new research activities...CELLIS PHARMA, one of the young companies of the pole..."

09/03/2005: L'Usine Nouvelle, "specific in vitro tests, adapted to the needs of our customers...At the same time as its development in the pharmaceutical field, CELLIS PHARMA continues its diversification in the agrofood, veterinarian and cosmetic areas.

09/02/2005: OUEST-FRANCE, "Bretagne entreprendre rewarded the 18 company creators which it supported last year. Among the prizes winner is CELLIS PHARMA, young biotech company..."

01/02/2005: Magazine du Conseil Général d'Ille-et-Vilaine, "Biotech incubator: zone dedicated to the innovating companies...CELLIS PHARMA is a young company creates in the beginning of 2004 by Dr Pierrïck AUVRAY and specialized in preclinical assays for pharma industry: "I support this development which will allow us to integrate a broader scientific community""

01/01/2005: PARE à INNOVER, "CELLIS PHARMA has just a year and it is very promissing biotech company, specialist in preclinical development of new drugs. The young company proposes its services at the french or international pharmaceutical laboratories, to discover and help to develop new therapies..."

27/10/2004: Biotech.info, "...Our intervention makes it possible to check the validity of the tests realized by the pharmaceutical laboratories and their gives a guarantee, because  we are an independent biotech society. Our customers apprecied the "made-to-order", that we offer to them: we do not adapt, we create a specific test to the studied molecules.

01/03/2004: Le Journal Economique, "CELLIS PHARMA: Pharma Research and Development..."

CELLIS PHARMA is member of the Technopole of Rennes-Saint Malo, the network 'Bretagne Entreprendre' and 'CRITT Santé Bretagne' and the new pole 'MER BRETAGNE'.

 photo credit: D..Auvray - C.RIS Pharma - All rights reserved - copy prohibited